One Hundred Scouts (General Discussion)

by Thirsty @, Sunday, April 15, 2018, 23:55 (190 days ago)

Of any one hundred boys who become Scouts, it must be confessed that thirty will drop out in their first year. Perhaps this may be regarded as a failure, but later in life, all of these will remember that they had been in Scouting and will speak well of the program.

Of the one hundred, only rarely will one ever appear before a juvenile court judge. Twelve of the one hundred will be from families that belong to no church. Through Scouting, these twelve and many of their families will be brought into contact with a church and will continue to be active all their lives. Six of the one hundred will become pastors.

Each of the one hundred will learn something from Scouting, and all will develop hobbies that will add interest throughout the rest of their lives. Approximately one-half will serve in the military, and in varying degrees, profit from their Scout training. At least one will use it to save another person’s life, and many may credit it for saving their own.

Four of the one hundred will reach Eagle rank, and at least one will later say that he valued his Eagle above his college degree. Many will find their future vocation through merit badge work and Scouting contacts. Seventeen of the one hundred boys will become adult leaders and will give leadership to thousands of additional boys.

One in four boys in America will become Scouts, but it is interesting to know that of the leaders of this nation in business, religion and politics, three out of four were Scouts.

One Hundred Scouts

by sparky @, Monday, April 16, 2018, 07:57 (190 days ago) @ Thirsty

True, almost everything in my life I did or do comes back from the things I learned in scouting. I was in scouts for about 5 yrs. and we went camping every spring and fall. They really did a good job teaching me things, and I can still tie most of the knots I learned.....

One Hundred Scouts

by mrse @, NORTHERN WI, Monday, April 16, 2018, 20:53 (189 days ago) @ sparky

I too agree. I was in scouting and then was a leader for 17 years for both Girl and Boy scouts. They taught me a lot things I still use today. Both my kids were in scouting and I can see a lot of what learned they also use today. :-) :-) :-)

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